King Cruiser / Shark Point / Koh Doc Mai

From: ฿3,000

Daytrip to King Cruiser / Shark Point / Koh Doc Mai.

The trip includes:

  • Pick-up from your hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Soft drinks and fruits
  • Lunch
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Passenger Insurance

The Trip Excludes: 

  • Full Equipment Rental (optional)
  • Scuba Diving insurance (optional)

Itinerary for King Cruiser, Shark Point and Koh Dok Mai.

Pick up time varies on your area in Phuket.

Depart from Chalong on MV Mermaid at 8:30am. Set off East towards these 3 fantastic dive sites.

Once on boat you will listen to the tour leader explain the boat briefing, then have breakfast and set up your dive equipment. The 1st dive is 10:45am. So plenty of time to relax on the boat before the 1st dive.

The 3 dives on this day trip are a maximum of 50 minutes or 50bar and we have at least a 1 hour surface interval in between each dive, food and drinks are served after each dive.

Usually get back to Chalong Pier around 4:30/5pm. Minibuses then take us back to our respective hotels.

  1. King Cruiser is a wreck dive located halfway between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. On the 3rd May 1997 the King Cruiser wreck was going about it’s daily business of taking people to Phi Phi from Phuket, when it accidentally struck the Anemone reef it dropped too the sea floor within 45 minutes, luckily no one was injured and now it’s a fantastic dive site. After nearly 17 years underwater this wreck houses so much marine life and all sorts of corals, truly beautiful to dive, you never what you may see. This site is for advanced only or very experienced divers, due to depth and current. Water temperature 27/29c, visibility 5/20 metres, depth 18m/33 metres, currents can be challenging.
  2. Shark Point is a 2 pinnacle dive. These pinnacles are exceptional for marine life and corals, it houses Leopard sharks, turtles and masses of schools of fish, this site is so colourful and its always different each time you dive. Only certified divers can dive this site due to depth, currents and sea conditions. Depths range from 10 metres down to 25 metres. Visibility 10/30 metres , currents can be quite strong and water temperature 27/29c.
  3. Anemone Reef is one great pinnacle reef in between King Cruiser and Shark Point, its full of soft corals like Anemone soft corals that the different species of clownfish live, full of marine life and Leopards Sharks frequent the bottom of the reef, from macro life to Great Barracudas, so much fish to admire. Depth from 5 metres down to 25 metres, visibility 5/25 metres, water temperature 27/29c, currents can be challenging, only certified divers are allowed on this site.
  4. Koh Dok Mai is a wall dive on the east side of the dive site and sloping reef on the west side . it’s an amazing dive site for macro stuff that hide in crevices on the wall. We can also find nurse sharks at depth and who knows what you may encounter when looking out into the blue, it has been known to see the elusive Whale Shark. Only certified divers due to depth of 30 metres, currents can be strong, visibility can be 5/25 metres and water temperature 27/29c.