Boat operator in Phuket

Introducing the Mermaid, a specially designed vessel tailored for scuba diving adventures.


Offering trips to Phi-Phi and Racha Islands, along with the popular King Cruiser Wreck.

The Mermaid is distinguished by its steel hull and powered by twin Diesel HINO engines (620 horsepower), boasting a length of 23.8 meters and a breadth of 5.5 meters.
With a crew of 5, the Mermaid comfortably accommodates up to 60 passengers, with a maximum capacity of 65, ensuring both spaciousness and manoeuvrability.

Designed for reliability and comfort, its robust construction promises stability in challenging waters, while its advanced propulsion system offers efficiency without compromising performance.

Whether for leisurely cruises or thrilling underwater excursions, the Mermaid embodies excellence on the seas, delivering an unparalleled maritime experience for all aboard.

Mermaid Vessel 2 - AquaMermaid Phuket

Mermaid: The Ultimate Scuba Diving Vessel

Mermaid Vessel - AquaMermaid Phuket


Our boat operates 7 days a week, and offers the following destinations:


Sunday KC / SP / KDM
Monday Racha Noi-Yai
Tuesday Racha Noi-Yai
Wednesday PP/SP or KDM
Thursday Racha Noi-Yai
Friday Racha Noi-Yai
Saturday PP/SP or KDM

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